The wonderful world of Christmas enthusiasts, created by the equally wonderful Chuck Smith!

The amazing store "LIGHT-O-RAMA! Created by Dan and Mary Baldwin!


The display which started me... Wlater and Jackie Monkhouse, have one of the most beautiful and advanced displays I know... BE SURE TO VISIT!!

One of my good friends from Planet Christmas, Tim Fischer! Also home of The Christmas Lighting and Displays Webring!

Visit Shay Evans display in New Zealand!

Greg Parcell's TwasTheNightBefore.Com


Another greatly appreiciated member of PC, Cory Waite!

We Love Christmas Lights

Amazing lights by Jeff and Rhonda Womack, also using LOR!

Computerized Christmas

One of my very good friends Jeremy Lawton!

Christmas Utah

The spectacular display of Marty Slack!

Scott's Xmas Lights

Scott Loftu's ever growing Illinois display!

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

If you love blowmolds be sure to visit this site! Thomas Steiner has some of the best blowmolds around!

Visit one of Jay's three sites:

Jay's Holiday LightSite!
Jay's Holiday LightWorld!

Or visit his Xmas Light WebRing!

Light-a-Holics Christmas!

Mike Montgomery, from Caledonia, his up and coming display! Using LOR and Direct control!

Pensacola Lights!

Pensacola Lights, 50,000 lights synced to music!


Timothy Howse's family site.

Bryce Kindla's Site

Visit Bryce's site and see his amazing train!

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